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Thomas E. Frawley Consulting, LLC, was established in May 2008.  The firm’s experience is focused on transportation systems, primarily in public transit and passenger rail, but including highways, airports and bus systems.  Recent assignments have focused largely on Public Private Partnership (P3) strategies and procurement document development, accelerated project delivery enabling legislation and policies and procedures, project design development and property acquisition support, and safety and security planning.


The firm is extremely grateful to the many clients, colleagues and friends that have made it possible to successfully deliver consulting services of exceptional quality and value since 2008.

Thomas E. Frawley Consulting, LLC is registered/certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with several agencies throughout the U.S.  Contact us regarding certification with a specific agency to help meet your goals for a current or upcoming project.

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Thomas E. Frawley, P.E., Esq.
Founder and Principal

Thomas E. Frawley, P.E., Esq., has over 41 years of transportation related experience; he is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and California, and is admitted to the BAR in Pennsylvania.  Prior to establishing his own firm, Mr. Frawley worked for multiple consulting firms and transportation agencies, 

completing numerous assignments for 26 clients, in 15 states and Canadian provinces, and overseas.  Project experience includes twelve rail system start-up projects, with major roles in six such projects – including five passenger rail systems and one regional freight railroad.  Experience also includes Transit Oriented Development, commercial property management, business strategic planning, information systems development, asset valuation analysis, and manufacturing process analysis, planning, and management.  Mr. Frawley earned his JD from Temple University, MBA from Pepperdine University, and B.S. Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.  A detailed resume is available upon request.

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